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Trilogy Beachfront Cottage Candle

Fill your home with luxe scents and the gentle glow of a candle that crackles as it burns™. Featuring a natural wooden wick that emulates the soothing sound of a crackling fire, high quality soy wax blend to ensure a smooth and even burn and a premium fragrance, each WoodWick Candle is carefully crafted with passion by experienced candlemakers, dedicated to the art of luxury candles.

Fragrance notes: Soft Chambray - Relaxing and clean, this fragrance envelopes the senses with soft fabric and a subtle kiss of jasmine and rose

 At the Beach - Scents of creamy coconut, cool sea breezes and tropical citrus

Tropical Oasis - Sends you away on an exotic excursion to white beaches and turquoise waters with the scents of tropical fruits and fresh, cool coconut.

Burn time of up to 120 hours with candle capacity of: 21.5 oz.