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Aroma Dune Diffuser
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Wood Grain
Lively Living Aroma Dune Diffuser $89.99

Mindfulness is the key ingredient to well-being and supporting mental health. In today's current environment, it has never been more important to embrace performing mindfulness and developing small daily rituals that increase clarity, enhance your creativity and reduce stress levels. 

Changing Seasons has carefully curated a beautiful and inspiring collection of items to guide you through your well-being journey. We understand, that mindfulness and well-being looks and feels different for every individual, but the process of directing your thoughts and feeling to the current moment can help you to re-connect with yourself. 

Invest in a guided journal from our Intrinsic range, that will assist you to direct your thoughts and become aware of significant emotions. Create a daily ritual by choosing an intuition card every morning, to give you greater awareness, insight and clarity (the answers are within). Send a gift of love to a cherished friend, with a tailored affirmation, purchased from Changing Seasons Online. 

Replicate a luxurious spa-like atmosphere from the comfort of your own home with an ultrasonic aroma diffuser, paired with a certified organic essential oil, from the reputable Australian brand Lively Living. Enhance the power of natural oils to elevate your mod.

Changing Seasons offers an extensive collection of products to assist any mindfulness and well-being journey, with flat-rate Australia Wide shipping and complimentary gift-wrapping. Shop Online at Changing Seasons, from the comfort of your own home.