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Sunrise Orange Passport Wallet

For us, travel is a non-negotiable. Travel awakens our senses, gets the heart beating a little faster and leaves us with a spirit that is more connected, raw and inspired.

We have a passion for travelling inspired, and it's that passion which moved us to create our luxe range of Passport Wallets.

Designed in Australia, the Sunrise Orange Passport Wallet is embossed with boho patterning and inspirational travel quotes by Adèle Basheer that evoke a sense of inspired adventure to come.

The vegan leather passport holder includes ample pockets for your passport, flight tickets, travel money and cards, and is encased within a colour-matching box, shimmering with gold foil features.

Outside inspirational message
'Every journey is an awakening of the soul and the spirit' - Adèle Basheer

Inside inspirational message
'A new door is waiting to open, a new journey is ready to begin' - Adèle Basheer