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Willow Tree

'Sisters By Heart' Figurine

When words won’t work the way you want, allow a beautiful Willow Tree figurine do the talking for you.

Suitable for any occasion, there’s a Willow Tree figurine to convey your message – whether it’s helping us feel close to others, heal wounds, or reminds us to treasure those we hold dear. They’re so beautifully simple…but it’s the sheer simplicity of these dear little pieces that makes them so very special. Each figurine shines with a personality of its own.

Two little girls stand facing each other, their hands touching. Even though they’re different, they’re both so alike…it’s as if they shared the same soul. Willow Tree’s touching Sisters by Heart figurine makes a beautiful gift for a sister – or, for someone who feels like a sister to you. Maybe you’re not sisters by blood, but you’re certainly sisters by heart.

9.5 cm
Made of Resin