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Beautiful Friend Spiral Notebook

Be inspired as you decorate the pages of your Intrinsic Beautiful Friend Spiral Notebook, whether it be with your deepest thoughts and wondrous wishes, or your daily reminders and the inevitable shopping list.

Our Spiral Notebook is for those who dream from the soul and turn their wishes into a reality.

The hardcover features an inspirational quote by Adèle Basheer, and boho patterning in a bright blend of purple, pink and orange, with pops of blue and green. 

Whether you're a list-lover, journaling-junkie, soulful-storyteller, or simply like a pretty notebook, our colourful range of notebooks will make any writer happy! 

Size: 170 x 212mm (including the spiral) (A5)

Quote: 'Beautiful Friend. Each day is a new adventure towards the path of your dreams'- Adèle Basheer

Page Count: 162 lined pages